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With a mission to understand, innovate, partner and deliver , EXP provides engineering, architecture, design and consulting services to the world’s built and natural environments.

Our heritage dates back to 1906, when the earliest of EXP’s predecessor companies started its engineering infrastructure practice. Today, thousands of creative EXP professionals provide the passion and experience needed to deliver successful projects around the world.

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operations, storage + maintenance

Over our history, EXP has delivered multidisciplinary services for operations and maintenance (O&M), as well as storage facilities for both public and private sector clients. Our experience spans facilities for rail, transit (fixed guideway and bus), aviation and other transportation needs; as well as a range of municipal operations, maintenance and storage facilities. Our work spans integrated and multi-use facilities incorporating space for offices, service and inspection (S&I), fueling, washing, light repairs and heavy vehicle maintenance (HVM) operations for all types of equipment. We offer a full range of planning, architecture, engineering, approvals and permitting, inspection, program and project management services to facilitate the development, redevelopment, construction or modification and renovation of these facilities. Our comprehensive offerings also extend to supporting infrastructure such as roadways, aprons, utilities, track, electrical and traction power facilities, security, parking, amenity space, lighting, landscaping and pedestrian pathways, among others.

95+ years of experience with industrial facilities

40+ years in alternative project delivery

with a multi-decade history providing integrated services for industrial facilities, we understand how to build safe, efficient, cost-effective solutions for operations, storage and maintenance



Facilitating collaboration to deliver multidisciplinary projects through BIM

At EXP we deliver multidisciplinary projects of all sizes, including complex mega projects, using BIM technology’s centralized 3D digital platform and real-time simulation. Our internal technology environment can support any user, working on any project from anywhere in the world.

1000+ projects delivered using BIM technologies

15+ years using BIM for project delivery

Suntrax Test Facility – Operations + Storage Buildings Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Auburndale, FL, USA Role: Commissioning, LEED Administration

FDOT and Florida Polytechnic University partnered for the construction of the state-of-the-art transportation technology testing facility. The creation of this facility establishes Florida as a transportation technology leader and creates a high-tech hub for the research, development and testing of emerging transportation technologies related to tolling, intelligent transportation systems and automated and connected vehicles. The project was recipient of America’s Transportation/SASHTO Best Use of Technology and Innovation Award for 2020.

sustainable facilities for operations and storage

The operations and storage buildings incorporate sustainable design, construction, and operational practices to achieve an integrated energy-efficient building with a reduced impact on the environment. LEED Silver level certification was achieved for the Operations Building, and LEED Certified level was achieved for the Storage Building. LEED Master Site was utilized, which enabled the projects to recognize shared sustainable site and location and transportation features, to include 81% vegetated open space, reclaim water use for 100% irrigation, recycling, electric vehicle charging stations, heat island reduction, light pollution reduction, and reduced parking.

Sustainable Solutions

At EXP, sustainability is embedded in everything we do. We leverage technology to improve sustainable design performance, implement green construction practices and use scientific methods to protect the world’s natural habitats. We embrace the 2030 Challenge, and are helping guide the industry through our leadership participation in leading organizations. As experts in LEED administration and a LEED Proven Provider, EXP has vast experience helping clients achieve LEED certification.

UN Global Compact signatory AIA 2030 Commitment signatory

400+ LEED certified projects LEED Proven Provider

MEP 2040 signatory envision Qualified Company + Charter Member

SE 2050 signatory



rail + transit maintenance and storage

Toronto Union Station Train Shed Renewal Toronto, ON, Canada


LEED bd+c: NC v3 certified

50% reduction of stormwater runoff peak flow rate + volume

anti-noise vegetal arch

This P3 project, located within 2 kilometers of Central Station, produces ultra-modern buildings and infrastructure near downtown Montreal. The new 23,500 square meter development yields a parking area for 21 trains in an outdoor garage, an inspection workshop for two full 10-car trains and a locomotive, a major repair shop for five multilevel cars, three locomotives and two sets of MR90 electric railcars, and a wheel profiling workshop. Integrated into its environment, the center also has a training center, interpretive center and premises for local charitable agencies. The building incorporates numerous sustainable features, leading to LEED NC v2009 certification. EXP provided multidisciplinary services for this P3 project in partnership with Pomerleau-Kiewit. exo Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre Pointe-Saint-Charles, QC, Canada Role: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting Design, Landscape Architecture, Security Design, Sustainability, Process Engineering, Program Management, Site Supervision, LEED Coordination

Design of this in-tunnel multifunctional electrified test railway track for Bombardier is unique in North America. Featuring design varying from traditional railway industry standards, this new test track has enabled Bombardier to assemble MPM 10 railcars for Montreal Metro at their La Pocatière plant. Design and manufacture of railway rolling stock, including metro cars in Montreal, required a testing phase to deliver a high quality, safe and reliable product meeting the highest standards in the railway rolling stock industry. Railway infrastructure is compatible with Montréal metro tracks for Bombardier to perform static and dynamic tests on trains consisting of nine cars for a total length of 152 meters, while allowing use of the infrastructure by traditional railway equipment. Role: Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Transportation Engineering, Commissioning, Environmental, Geotechnical, Process Engineering, Site Supervision Bombardier Multifunctional Test Track La Pocatière, QC, Canada



Construction of this new public transport centre brings a new two-story building with a total surface area of 30,000m², with nearly 22,000m² to house 200 articulated buses. Administrative offices, rest area, distribution area, mechanical workshop, parts store, two bus washers, parking lot and reception docks complete the interior layout of the building. The project includes the complete development of the site, including parking lots, taxiways, storage areas, employee parking, refueling bays, tanks, the Boulevard des Affaires extension, including municipal services and building access. Public Transit Centre / Maintenance + Operations Centre Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) Gatineau, QC, Canada Role: Multidisciplinary Engineering

The Public Transport Centre structure was designed to criteria such as capacity of the soil, permanent structural loads, special loads in the workshop (monorails, traveling cranes, systems and lifting jacks) and structural provisions for future expansions. Mechanical design included compressed air, windshield washer, oil, grease, diesel, antifreeze systems, source suction and waste oil recovery. Energy simulation considering the mechanical, electrical, architectural and other processes.

The new Hurontario LRT will run along Hurontario Street in Mississauga and Brampton and be fully integrated with municipal transit systems. The project includes 18km of new dedicated rapid transit system and will add 19 surface stops, connecting the new network to GO Transit’s Milton and Lakeshore West rail lines, Mississauga MiWay, Brampton Transit and Mississauga Transitway Bus Rapid Transit. EXP is a key design partner in the Mobilinx consortium, providing mechanical and electrical engineering for the OMSF, as well as civil and geotechnical engineering. Mechanical scope for OMSF building includes HVAC, plumbing and drainage, fire suppression, compressed air and building automation systems infrastructure to support systems design and operation and maintenance requirements. Hazel McCallion Line / Hurontario LRT Operations Maintenance Storage Facility (OMSF) Metrolinx Mississauga + Brampton, ON, Canada Role: Multidisciplinary Engineering



airport hangars, maintenance and storage

United Airlines Ground Equipment Maintenance Facility Chicago, IL




To accommodate Bombardier Aerospace’s new Global 7000 and Global 8000 business jets, EXP designed the expansion of Hangar 3101 to expand the resources of their Global Completion Centre. Laurent Beaudoin Completion Centre Bombardier Dorval, QC, Canada Role: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Services The project increases the overall capacity of the GFC hangar where the interior completion of jets takes place and includes the expansion of Hangar 3101 by 20 feet on the east and west sides, the expansion of the doors to accommodate aircraft, increasing the existing pumping capacity, as well as upgrading the fire protection system.

Bombardier Global Manufacturing Centre at Toronto Pearson International Airport Bombardier Toronto, ON, Canada Role: Prime Consultant, Owner’s Representative, Project Management,

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Extra Low Voltage, Civil, Geotechnical, Environmental, Transportation and Traffic.

Located on a 41-acre site at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Bombardier’s new 1 million SF high-tech Global Aircraft Manufacturing Centre will optimize final assembly operations for all global business jets through the use of state-of-the-art technology such as automated positioning systems that are guided by laser-guided measuring technology. The project includes preparation of the master plan, early works, preliminary design to 33% and PSOS development.

This newly constructed facility brings a five-story LEED-NC certified office building and assembly workshop for the Bombardier CSeries. The new facilities are used to assemble the CSeries commercial aircraft line and comprise several buildings, including a twinning line and a paint shop. Buildings housing a test plane, centre for the delivery of new aircraft, as well as waste management, complete the project. This huge structure covers nearly 900 feet in length to join the existing CRJ assembly part, with a footprint of 250,000 SF and total floor area of 470,000 SF. The project included design and supervision of all the project infrastructure and development (earthworks, apron, access road, an outdoor dining area, parking lot, among others). CSeries Aircraft Assembly Plant with Office Space Bombardier Mirabel, QC, Canada Role: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil, Pavement Design/Management, Interiors, Lighting Design, Sustainability, LEED Consulting, Site Supervision



EF5 tornado rating

100% outdoor air unit with an energy recovery wheel


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport ETAM Master Site Plan + Phase I Snow and Ice Vehicle Storage Facility DFW Airport, TX, USA Role: Architecture, Engineering + Specialist Services

EXP developed a master site plan for the Energy, Transportation and Asset Management (ETAM) Campus, and designed the first building to be located on the campus: the Snow and Ice Vehicle Storage Facility. The master site plan will consolidate and relocate the existing ETAM facilities to 10 new buildings located on a 66-acre site within the Southwest Campus, and was completed first to determine an overall layout of the site that will be constructed in phases over the next several years.

The Phase I facility is a pre-manufactured metal building, approximately 61,000 GSF, and will provide storage for 25 snow and ice vehicles. The building contains a large open storage bay (120’ x 500’) with oversized sliding hangar doors on each of the short ends. On the north side of the storage bay there are two electrical rooms, two communication rooms and one single-occupancy restroom. The Phase I facility is pursuing LEED Silver Certification under USGBC LEED v4 for New Construction.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Integrated Operations Center DFW Airport, TX, USA Role: Architecture, MEP, Fire Protection, Lighting, Security Systems + AV, Structural, Civil, Landscape Architecture The IOC mission is to provide “360-degree situational awareness” in oversight of all airport operations, and provide DFW a common, complete operating picture from both the customer and the operator perspective. As a HUB for integrated operations, the building is organized around two program categories: core and base building. The core refers to the daily and emergency operations, while the base building includes various support functions. The plan reflects this clarity by organizing the core spaces – shared floor and EOC – in the center, with all related support spaces (base) located around it. Conceptually, the core is likened to a campfire and the support spaces to tents that surround it. Indeed, the portion of the operations that required the EF5 tornado rating (withstand sustained winds of 261–318 mph) aligns with the core and spaces collected around it. In this manner the expensive EF5 construction is minimized because it encircles only the spaces that require it.

AWARDS ENR Texas and Louisiana, Best Airport/Transit Project, 2021



This project includes a new 14,000 SF multi-use hangar at the Kapuskasing Airport for North Star Air. North Star Air is an airline that offers freight services and has been operating from the Kapuskasing Airport since April 2018. The new hangar will serve to improve North Star Air’s efficiency of air transportation to First Nations communities. Kapuskasing Airport, New Multi-Use Hangar Joint Venture Design/Build Project North Star Air Kapuskasing, ON, Canada Role: Full architectural and engineering services, including inspection and testing. This project was awarded as a Design-Build with Lachance Construction for the Town of Kapuskasing.

The schedule for this project has been an extreme challenge. EXP has worked with Lachance Construction to develop progress drawings so that construction of the foundations could start prior to cold winter weather hitting.

United Airlines Ground Equipment Maintenance Facility Chicago O’Hare International Airport Chicago, IL, USA Role: Architecture, Engineering

Unither Bioelectronics Private Aircraft Hangar + Administrative Offices Bromont, QC, Canada Role: Engineering



general and vehicular operations, maintenance and storage

Vehicle Maintenance Facility Chicago, IL



Riverview Operations Centre Town of Riverview Riverview, NB, Canada Role: Architecture, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical

The contemporary design of the Riverview Operations Centre creates a rich, stimulating work environment.

The new 77,438 SF facility serves as a central location for the Town of Riverview’s engineering and public works staff. A slick, contemporary design scheme acknowledges the sophistication and skill of the operations and staff.

providing a more welcoming experience for the community

With internal functionality as the main design goal, the central building comprises three radiating wings, respectively housing office space, fleet storage space and service bays. Located on a 12-acre site, the new consolidated operations center also includes secure yard facilities for sand/salt storage, cold storage and fuel pumps, as well as material storage bins. Careful use of site orientation maximized energy efficiency and high insulation value in the walls and roof. The facility is heated using a biomass boiler fed with locally supplied wood chips, and boasts a state-of-the-art access / security system with full Wi-Fi connectivity for evolving municipal technologies.

The Williams Parkway Operations Center sets new standards for public and industrial buildings. Located on 20 acres in burgeoning Brampton, ON, the award-winning campus redevelopment establishes a centralized administrative headquarters, works building and works yard. Williams Parkway Operations Centre and Works Yard City of Brampton Brampton, ON, Canada Role: Multidisciplinary Engineering The works building includes fleet maintenance shops, dispatch facility, storage areas, as well as a weather event control centre. The works yard features sand and salt storage, vehicle wash, fueling stations, parking, propane storage and other facilities.

The 190,000 SF headquarters facility is LEED Gold certified with sustainable features such as geothermal heating and cooling, storm water retention pond, extensive green roof, solar-powered site lighting and provisions for electric vehicles.



Mackintosh Depot Replacement City of Halifax Halifax, NS, Canada Role: Structural, Civil, Geotechnical, Architecture

The new Mackintosh Depot is a modern 4,695 square meter (50,500 SF), three-level specialized storage and office facility. This new structure supports the merging of four city departments into one facility with office space, vehicle bays and functional storage space. Seven double vehicle bays with an innovative layout allow vehicles to drive in at the north side and exit through to the south. EXP led a collaborative team providing multidisciplinary services from concept to construction documents and construction administration. Revisions to the initial site layout brought $1 million in savings to the project. This sustainable new facility was designed with 148 roof-top solar panels and in-floor heating throughout, along with a natural gas boiler.

148 solar panel oof top PV System


29.5% less energy utilized than a building built to the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECCB) 2017



The ultramodern masonry and steel Vehicle Maintenance Facility enables upkeep of the City of Chicago’s truck fleet and off-road equipment. Featuring 34 maintenance bays with a pit and crane bays, the new facility can service the full-range of vehicle types operated by the City of Chicago. A unique combination of materials—a metal panel system, translucent polycarbonate panels for the exterior walls to diffuse high quality daylight, and a cast-in-place concrete base in the truck maintenance area—provides both durability and visual appeal. The administrative and storage block anchors the building’s two wings. Sustainable strategies reduce carbon emissions and increase filtration of stormwater runoff through plants with extensive root systems that absorb more water and stabilize soil. City of Chicago Vehicle Maintenance Facility Chicago Public Buildings Commission Chicago, IL, USA Role: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection

Michigan Metroplex Processing + Distribution Center Pontiac, MI, USA

Vehicle Maintenance Facility, City of Chicago Chicago, IL, USA

With a mission to understand , innovate , partner and deliver , EXP provides engineering, architecture, design and consulting services to the world’s built and natural environments.

let’s explore the possibilities.

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