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Renewable energies

To meet the ever-increasing energy demand, the current global situation requires that we produce more renewable energy in order to mitigate environmental impacts and the generation of greenhouse gases. As they are continuously and rapidly evolving, it is obvious that these forms of renewable energies (hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, and energy-generating incinerators) will play an increasingly critical role in the future of global power generation.

500+ energy projects completed in the last 20 years

Renewable solutions

EXP offers services for the entire life cycle of renewable energy generation projects:

1. Mount Miller, wind farm (70 MW), QC 2. St. Padre School, addition of solar panels, Vaughan, ON 3. White Pines Wind Project (18.5 MW), Prince Edward County 4. Potentia, solar park technical due diligence, ON 5. Carleton Substation, wind farm (109.5 MW), QC 6. St. Elizabeth High School, addition of solar panels, Thornhill, ON

• Strategic choices

• Construction management

• Planning

• Operational support

• Design

Thanks to our services, our clients can develop and carry out reliable and cost efficient projects. Indeed, our teams of professionals can provide society with safe, clean, affordable renewable energy that is tested at every step of a project from site selection studies to environmental approvals, permits, power generation facilities, transmission lines and supporting infrastructure.





renewable energies



• Potential power studies: » Assessment of energy sources (solar, wind, and small hydro) » Simulation of energy potential • Feasibility studies and technical and economic analyzes (investment and profitability) • Technical definition of power plants and integration into the environment: » Project studies » Environmental impact studies • Technical coordination of the various project stakeholders • Technical writing, such as analysis, verification, non-compliance and approval reports, as well as technical change requests • Technical support during construction and commissioning • Acceptance of works

• Inspection and assessment of the compliance of existing facilities with codes and standards including improvement recommendations • Monitoring of works • Comprehensive engineering services and preparation of consultation records related to design, manufacturing, supplying and installation for the following elements: » Major electrical equipment (circuit breakers, high- and low-voltage wiring, and high-voltage transformers) » Auxiliary electrical systems (electrical distribution, grounding, lighting, and securing) and power plant engineering (drainage, lubrication, service water, wastewater, drinking water, compressed air, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation) » Heavy mechanical (valves, built-in parts, and lifting systems), water intake, and evacuation systems » Control and protection equipment (control panels, instrumentation, relays, and SCADA) • Verification of the compliance of supplier technical documents

• Preparation of operation manuals • Technical due diligence studies

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Hervé Rémy, Eng., MBA Executive Vice President, Energy t: 514.927.6759 | herve.remy@exp.com

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