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Transmission and distribution

With solid expertise in transmission and distribution, the EXP team assists network owners in the maintenance of electric power transmission equipment and infrastructure to ensure their reliability. EXP experts can evaluate, restore and replace existing equipment, as well as coordinate new installation, expansion or reinforcement projects. From the choice of location and development of systems to detailed design, construction, and commissioning, we perform all the engineering work necessary for the implementation of your facilities, while improving the reliability of your electrical network.

2500+ transmission and distribution projects

Professional EXPERTISE at your service

735 kV high-voltage experience

EXP participates in major projects with network owners (including Hydro Québec, BC Hydro, Électricité du Mali, and Électricité du Laos) directly or in partnership with world-renowned companies, such as ABB and Siemens. Our teams work mainly on projects such as the following:

• Transmission and distribution substations (735, 315, 230, 120 and 25 kV)

• Power supply by electrical substation (25, 35, 69 and 120 kV) • Aerial and underground distribution networks

1. La Romaine 2. Outaouais Converter Substation 3. Carleton Wind Farm, Baie-des-Chaleurs 4. Chénier Substation 5. Némiscau Substation 6. La Romaine

• AC/DC/AC converter substations

• Termination stations for wind and solar farms





transmission and distribution



• Technical due diligence studies • Feasibility studies and technical-economic analyses (investment and profitability) • Electrical studies (power flow, short circuit, arc flash, protection coordination, stability, grounding, and lighting) • Specialized technical surveys and implementation • Design and development of transmission and distribution substations (735, 315, 230, 120 and 25 kV) • Design of electricity distribution networks and integration of public utilities (telecommunications and gas) • Inspection and assessment of the compliance of existing facilities with codes and standards, and recommendations for improvements (electrical distribution and grounding)

• Permits and authorizations management • Verification of the compliance of suppliers’ technical documents • Full engineering services, including preparation of specifications for the design, manufacturing, supply, and installation: » Major electrical equipment (circuit breakers, high-voltage wiring, power transformers, disconnectors, inductors, capacitors, current and voltage transformers, etc.) » Control and protection equipment (control panels, instrumentation, relays, and SCADA) » Substation auxiliary systems (lighting, securing, drainage, compressed air, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, structures, and buildings) • Technical assistance during construction and commissioning • Work supervision • Preparation of operations manuals • Acceptance of works

• Technical writing (analysis, verification, non-compliance and acceptance reports, technical change requests, etc.) • Technical coordination of the various project stakeholders

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Hervé Rémy, Eng., MBA Executive Vice President, Energy t: 514.927.6759 | herve.remy@exp.com

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