Hydroelectric Power Two-Pager


PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS 1. Nam Kong 3 Hydroelectric Power Plant | Laos 2. Mercier Dam | QC 3. Sotuba Hydroelectric Power Plant | Mali 4. Manic-3 Power Plant | QC 5. Mukungwa Power Plant | Rwanda 6. Big Eddy Power Plant | ON 1500+ energy projects completed around the world 30+ years of experience in hydroelectric power projects 300+ clean + renewable energy projects since 1970 50+ years of experience across the energy industry #6 Hydro Plants, Top Design Firms in Power, ​ENR, 2020

HYDROELECTRIC power With decades of experience in hydroelectric power projects, EXP’s energy team provides innovative solutions to produce and transmit the electrical power you need. From construction of new plants to the rehabilitation or maintenance of existing facilities, our experts can help you develop, rehabilitate or increase the power of hydroelectricity resources to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. Whether for major government-funded projects, dams or run-of-the-river facilities, EXP specialists offer innovative solutions to clients from both private and public sectors, using a transparent and collaborative approach. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS In a global context, where any source of clean or green energy becomes important to reduce greenhouse gases, we can evaluate solutions to equip existing infrastructures with power generation units. For example, in hydroelectricity:

• Raw or drinking water systems: reuses energy dissipated by pressure reducers. • Existing control dam: existing dam infrastructure is used to install a turbine.

3D modeling EXP provides industry-related virtual 3D design and construction services. Our 3D approach uses the virtual design of any structure or building to perform the analyses and simulations required to validate project requirements. Beyond 3D modeling, our global systematic approach allows us to integrate numerous management and design processes to foster collaboration, whether in a BIM (Building Information Modeling) or PLM (Product Life Management) environment.





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